The Planet Health Pilot is a collaborative partnership among the Open Learning Exchange, Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health, Mbarara University of Science and Technology and the Bugoye Health Clinic III

The goal of this Pilot will be to demonstrate and document that Village Health Teams (VHTs) in remote parts of the world can improve their health-related knowledge and skills by using the OLE Planet Health System.  The Pilot will focus on healthcare related to women and children in western Uganda.  The MGH Center for Global Health program includes 38 Village Health Workers in eight villages that are supported by the regional Bugoye Health Clinic III. In 2015 more than 3,006 potentially life-saving child visits were performed by these VHTs.

The Planet Health System adresses three of the root causes of preventable disease and illness:.

  •   Lack of knowledge and skills related to wellness among people living in poverty;
  •  Scarcity of well-trained healthcare providers; and
  •  Lack of accurate and timely data concerning a community’s health status and services.

The Pilot will provide the the VHT's in these eight villages the Planet Health System, including a digital library, personalized courses, tools for assrssing learning, and a process for the weekly electronic two-way exchange of health-related data and information between each of the eight villages and the Bugoye Health Clinic III.

It is anticipated that, once established, the VHTs in this Pilot will be able to sustain indefinitely their own Planet Health System, and that the resources and approaches developed during the Pilot will be scalable throughout Uganda and, with some changes and adaptations, throughout Africa. The Planet Health System works off the Internet and can be used with any device with a browser. The software itself is open source and free and the cost of a village’s Planet Health server is less than USD $100.

The generic OLE Planet System has been highly effective as a personalized tool for learning with Syrian refugees in Jordan, and with elementary students in Rwanda, Ghana and Kenya. This will be the first time that the system has been deployed with  health care education and training.

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Open Learning Communities are thriving around the world in remote villages and refugee camps.  OLE’s program focuses on basic literacy which is a foundational skill for all learning. In addition to early education, we are increasingly responding to the demand for community-wide literacy, public health, and entrepreneurship programs that serve all ages.