Our Mission and Goals

Our Vision and Mission

The Open Learning Exchange (OLE) envisions a world in which every person has open and unfettered access to those learning resources they need in order to flourish to the very best of their abilities.

OLE’s mission is to ensure learning for all — not only universal basic literacy and numeracy but also vital knowledge and skills concerning health, nutrition, work, community and the peaceful management of our differences. Only then will we be able to eliminate the widespread poverty, injustice, violence and fear that are pervasive today and to provide the foundation that will make it possible for us to create a free, peaceful and democratic world in which each one of us has a voice that is heard and respected.

Our Overarching Goals

To help create positive learning environments were all members of a community, especially their children, are able to:

  • Empower themselves by making learning resources available to them and by taking their education into their own hands;
  • Enrich their lives by constantly discovering new knowledge and creating learning resources;
  • Nurture their body, mind and soul by providing unlimited access to health, academic and cultural information;
  • Connect meaningfully with others in and outside their classroom and community by forming self-organized groups;
  • Develop positive values of self-enrichment, contemplation, cooperation and peace that will form the foundation of their society.

Our Motivation

A quality basic education is necessary to:


  • Read local newspapers, magazines, and books
  • Complete job applications
  • Tell one’s story to the world


  • Improve agricultural, nutritional, health and environmental practices
  • Discover potential areas of personal and professional growth
  • Contribute meaningfully at home, school, work and society


  • Promote cooperation and manage conflict effectively
  • Understand and advocate for individual rights
  • Envision a world full of opportunities