Our Strategy

Working from small to big, local to regional, national to international, our programs operate through cyclical networks of change.

Step #1 / Develop

Strong resistance to change at any level, from the classroom to the national ministries tends to maintain the status quo. Thus OLE’s strategy for change begins with identifying teams of entrepreneurs for education who are exceptionally committed to transforming their country’s learning systems. This includes, but goes well beyond, traditional school settings.

Step #2 / Identify

We help them in turn either partner with an existing organization or form a new independent organization geared towards seeking solutions to the root problems of education deficits.

Step #3 / Demonstrate

We seek to engage every person in a community (students, teachers, parents, seniors, leaders) as active members of their personalized open learning community. We believe such profound and scaled changes are only possible by building from the ground up, beginning with strong community initiatives and scaling these changes over time by gaining support from the highest levels of the nation.

Step #4 / Document

Our Partner Boards of Directors comprise a diverse group of “influencers” at a national level who develop a formal, signed MOU with their governments, establishing the fact that their organization will demonstrate and document innovations in learning.

Step #5 / Persuade

Once we have reliable evidence of an innovation’s success, we advise the public and their governments to scale that innovation as part of the nation’s public learning system.

Step #6 / Share

Finally, we openly share our findings and resources with all of our partners and with the rest of the world.